The Way of Life Method

How to Heal Your Relationship
with Your Dog and Raise a Sound, Strong, and Spirited Companion
(At Any Age)

By Souha Ezzedeen PhD

Getting to the root cause of our dogs’ behavior starts with looking at our way of life. This guide takes a revolutionary approach to rearing dogs and addressing behavior issues, drawing from the instinctual lessons of mother dogs and wolf packs.
Understand why many dogs are struggling with behavior issues, go beyond conventional training, and learn to design a way of life that raises sound dogs, heals issues, and
deepens your bond in ways never imagined – regardless of your dog’s age, breed, or background.

In The Way of Life Method, you will:


Stage 1 Foundations

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– Journal
– Evaluation Checklist

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Stage 2 Exposure

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– Summaries
– Journal
– Evaluation Checklist

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Stage 3 Integration

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– Summaries
– Journal
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The Way of Life Method

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– Decompression Basics
– Levels of Socialization
– Crating Benefits
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The Way of Life Method Sell Sheet

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Souha Ezzedeen, PhD, is a university professor, dog coach, and the founder of Way of Life™ Dog Training in Ontario, Canada. An academic with expertise in management and organizational behavior, she has a curious mind, loves research, and is well-versed in behavioral theories that undergird mainstream dog training. Souha draws on two decades of diverse experiences with dogs to share her knowledge about the human canine bond with people struggling to achieve a more harmonious life with their dogs.


It’s refreshing to see a book about dog behaviour that does not focus on training but reveals a deeper understanding of their psychological condition and needs. The Way of Life Method shows the importance of understanding a behaviour from the dog’s perspective in order to correct it. Dr. Ezzedeen’s straightforward approach is designed to build a foundation of trust and confidence for our dogs to enable them to live their best lives. All dog lovers should read this book.
Dr. Ian Buffett DVM (Toronto, ON)
Souha has a sincere appreciation and understanding that dogs know, so very well, how to be a dog and in order for us to enjoy them at their best we need to listen to what they are communicating to us and our training be guided by this source. She provides many common examples of problems that people run into with their dogs then sets out a detailed plan for the owner to discover what the dog is trying to relay to their family and then what needs to be addressed in order for both the dog and owner to move forward in the most positive and beneficial manner. The owner has a responsibility not to change the dog from being a dog but to appreciate the animal and design the best strategy for an empathetic relationship to blossom between the family and their dog.
Susan Buttivant
Award Winning Breeder, Author, Dog Trainer, & Canine Sport Instructor
Down to earth and easy to read. For every person who has ever had, and currently has a dog in their life, and will always have a canine in their life, this book is a must read. The author guides us through a beautifully thought out process of acceptance and forgiveness, involving our relationships with the canines in our lives. We can redeem our past training and relationship errors and bonds, it’s not too late. This book is the perfect tool of guidance the dog world needs, complete with a reflection area after each chapter. The author strives and succeeds to be fair, in judgment of breeds, rescue dogs, and dogs that are struggling with mental health behavioral issues. A must have for every person and their dogs, this is a read that will change our world!
Deb Stanton
Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, and Animal Communicator
In this book, The Way of Life Method, author, dog trainer, and coach Souha Ezzedeen shares with us her wide and rich experiences in dog training. Not only does she offer better techniques to train our dogs to become better pets but also helps us understand the behaviour behind proper training. The author helps us build a much healthier relationship with our dogs, stressing the importance of rearing and raising our dogs rather than teaching and training skills. The Way of Life Method expands on the importance of proper socialization and understanding drive development across stages. The premise of the entire book is based on the importance of establishing our bond with our pets, bonding being the goal and the focus of any form of training. A “must read” for any pet owner looking to understand the relationship between them and their pet and the tools to raise a happy and well-adjusted dog.
Dominique Rousselle
Co-Founder of Dogs Without Collars Rescue and former Vice President of the Toronto Humane Society
A thought-provoking resource for anyone who owns a dog, and one which would be particularly enriching for anyone who is contemplating a new canine companion. Relationship based and scientifically backed, the material flows seamlessly into the practical application of the underlying theories, making it eminently readable! If I were still breeding dogs, it would definitely be a book that I would recommend to potential purchasers.
Sue Neave
Award Winning Breeder & Show Handler (Retired)
Souha has a deep understanding and knowledge of our canine friends. In this book and in her seminars, she asks us to hold up a mirror to take a good look at ourselves and our own ways of being first. She asks questions to make us think about ourselves so we can relate how our dog sees us and the world around them. Souha shares her own experiences in a fluent and direct way that allows the us as the student to visualise, identify with, understand, and take steps toward a more balanced relationship with our dogs. She then provides us with great, meaningful tools to help us take that relationship to a whole other level. This is a “must read” book for anyone considering adopting a dog into their family.
Shari Seymour
Canine & Equine Therapist, Author, Artist, & Wellness Educator
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